Improvisation theatre and soft skills in English

Improvisation theatre and soft skills in English

Our English language workshops « Improvisational theatre and professional skills and competences »

Depending on the needs of your team, the workshop will use the tools of improvisational theatre to develop the profesionnal competences and soft skills of participants.

These workshops are best suited for groups of 6 to 12 people. Standard duration of a workshop is two to three hours. It is also possible to plan for half or full-day sessions.

To help consolidate progress, several workshops can be organized over several weeks.

Competences and skills developed in our workshops

These competences are classified into four categories:

  • Better cooperate as a team
  • Alternating between the roles of follower and leader
  • Develop empathy and the ability to listen to your co-workers
  • Solve conflicts through cooperation
Leadership and creativity
  • Learn how to play the role of the main protagonist
  • Develop the ability to take initiatives and make suggestions
  • Develop the ability to convince
  • Learn how to share one’s ideas in an understandable and intelligible way
  • Give useful feedbacks
  • Use storytelling
  • Think « out of the box »
  • Better assess how one’s discourse is perceived by the others
  • Better manage stressful situations
  • Be able to receive and take advantage of somebody else’s feedback
  • Know how to accept one’s mistakes and how to learn from them
  • Learn how to acknowledge and celebrate success
  • Learn how to better use one’s voice
  • Develop an eloquent and effective speech
  • Better use body language
  • Use emotions in speech

It is also possible to steer the workshop towards situations and business cases usually encountered by the team in work life:

Everyday situations at work
  • Hiring process and interviews
  • Conflict management
  • Customer relationship
  • Sales
  • How to promote the « employer brand »
  • The assessment/yearly interview
Environmental and social responsibility
  • Fight against discrimations
  • Gender equality
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Social responsibility

Haut Les Cours expertise: why choose us?

Our network of speakers and experts:

Haut Les Cours main task is to identify the best experts and speakers. Some of them are used to leading workshops in English. All have an extensive experience in giving workshops to company teams. For each client we select the person best suited to its needs.

Tailor-made interventions:

We devise the workshop together with the client and the expert. The goal is to correspond as closely as possible to the training goals of the client.

Rich and demanding workshops:

Our workshops are suited to everyone but are demanding enough so that they offer an opportunity for real and durable learning